Why ALL Parchment Paper is Poisonous

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The foremost well being dangers of unbleached and PFAS-free parchment paper merchandise and why Grandma’s various methodology is the perfect method in any case.

toxic unbleached parchment paper and baking cups with muffins on wooden table

I’ve made a serious improve over the previous few years to my baking routine, and I needed to share this essential change with all of you!

I now not use parchment paper or baking cups of any measurement or model in my baking routine in any respect.

These of you who’ve been studying this weblog for a very long time will keep in mind that I used to make use of it to cowl my aluminum bakeware to guard the meals from heavy steel publicity.

Little did I do know on the time that I used to be swapping one set of poisons for one more!

Once I recommend ditching ALL manufacturers of parchment paper, this consists of unbleached brands such as “If You Care” which constantly receives excessive accolades for security and has many “inexperienced” certifications akin to compostable and biodegradable in addition to the coveted EU Ecolabel. (1)

I’ve warned earlier than that “inexperienced” merchandise will not be essentially wholesome.

Unbleached parchment paper of all sizes and varieties is a main instance!

Unbleached Parchment Paper Isn’t Protected (even when PFAS-free)

Whereas bleached parchment paper is sort of clearly greatest prevented as a result of potential for chlorine residues from the bleaching course of, the hazard from unbleached varieties is extra stealthy.

Whereas marketed as “chlorine-free”, unbleached baking paper is definitely coated with silicone.

What precisely is silicone anyway? Is it the identical factor as silicon, the pure ingredient with the chemical image Si and atomic quantity 14?

They’re removed from the identical factor, because it seems!

silicone coated unbleached parchment paper

Artificial Rubber

In line with Scientific American, silicone is an artificial rubber. Its chemical title is siloxane.

Silicone [siloxane], an artificial rubber fabricated from bonded silicon (a pure ingredient plentiful in sand and rock) and oxygen, is more and more filling this area of interest. The versatile but robust materials, which has confirmed fashionable in muffin pans, cupcake liners, spatulas and different utensils, can go from freezer to oven (as much as 428 levels Fahrenheit), is non-stick and stain-resistant, and in contrast to typical cookware, is available in a variety of vibrant and cheery colours. (2)

Sounds so protected, doesn’t it?

Producers know that conflating a synthetic materials with a pure one by making their names just about equivalent makes it really easy to confuse the general public!

Whereas producers insist that silicone is protected and inert, I encourage to vary.

Silicone Leaches into Meals

Research have proven that silicone can migrate into meals at regular cooking and baking temperatures.

Regardless that silicone elastomers show a excessive diploma of thermal stability and glorious resistance to ageing, excessive temperatures result in depolymerization of the elastomer, with subsequent volatilization and migration [into food] of sure substances. (3)

Inflammatory Results

As well as, medical gadgets that include silicone implanted within the physique have proven deleterious well being results.

Thus, it could appear that silicone that’s ingested might very effectively pose well being dangers. This would come with an inflammatory response at minimal. (4)

The truth is, it appears to me that the FDA has fully dropped the ball on investigating whether or not siloxanes are as “inert” as claimed particularly on the subject of their widespread use in silicone baking molds and kitchenware.

No follow-up research have ever been performed since 1979 to evaluate this essential query with regard to the implications for long-term well being. (5)

Endocrine Disruption, Tumors, Most cancers

Whereas the FDA hasn’t performed a lot to make sure silicone is protected, the EU has.

The European Union classifies siloxanes as a Class 1 endocrine disruptor. (6)

As well as, silicone, aka siloxanes, may cause uterine tumors and reproductive points, presumably even resulting in infertility. (7)

The ultimate nail within the coffin is that siloxanes are additionally a carcinogen and might trigger liver injury. (8)

Unbleached parchment paper coated with siloxane doesn’t sound so inert and protected anymore, does it?

No surprise they picked the euphemism “silicone” for this poisonous substance!

Ditch Parchment Paper for GOOD

Since ditching unbleached parchment paper a number of years in the past, I’ve been baking the old style manner.

Identical to my Grandma did! Seems (for the umpteenth time), that she actually DID know greatest!

I grease and flour muffin cups, pizza pans, and cookie sheets earlier than including the dough and putting it within the oven.

I’m additionally now utilizing chrome steel baking sheets and pans (this brand).

“Grease and Flour” Method

There is no such thing as a magic to greasing and flouring a baking floor.

Merely slather a skinny movie of wholesome, excessive smokepoint fats on the floor of the pan(s) that can contact the meals.

Then, sprinkle a little bit of flour excessive. You should use your fingers to do that (a pinch of flour at a time). That’s what I do.

Or, you should utilize a small strainer.

The flour doesn’t have to completely cowl the greased portion of the pan, and also you don’t want to combine it into the oil.

That’s all there’s to it!

I exploit expeller-pressed “no style” coconut oil and a dusting of do-it-yourself gluten-free sprouted flour mix for this job.

The excellent news is that this methodology works spectacularly effectively.

Your cupcakes will come out of these muffin pans simply as simply as a poisonous unbleached baking cup.

Cookies will slide off the cookie sheet with a spatula rapidly and 100% intact.

The draw back is…

Extra Time, Larger Mess

The additional step to grease and flour baking pans and cookie sheets positively takes extra time.

As well as, it may be a bit messy at first till you get the cling of it.

Soaking and even elbow grease is typically essential to get these muffin tins and cookie sheets clear too.

Even nonetheless, I really feel so a lot better doing it this manner.

I’ve taken nice care to supply the components correctly, it could be such a disgrace to wreck the dish with a poisonous silicone residue from a greenwashed “chlorine and PFAS-free” product!

What About Unheated Makes use of?

Whereas the hazard of utilizing unbleached, silicone-coated parchment paper for baking is reduce and dry, what about makes use of at room or refrigerated temperature?

The well being points from utilizing unbleached parchment paper are markedly much less for this situation.

Nevertheless, after cautious thought, I’ve chosen to not use it in any respect. The analysis popping out concerning the risks of siloxanes is simply too regarding!

The potential for residue within the meals continues to be current even at room temperature or within the fridge/freezer.

Silicone will not be one thing I need in my physique even within the tiniest quantities on condition that it’s a persistent toxin within the surroundings.

Since there are safer merchandise to wrap and retailer meals, I felt most snug ditching any and all types of unbleached parchment paper.

Have you ever realized the hazards of parchment paper to your long-term well being? What steps have you ever taken to remove it out of your baking routine?

unbleached PFAS-free baking cups and parchment paper on wooden table with muffins


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